Rheumatology Consultation Fees

These are the costs for a Consultation with Dr Richard Campbell, Consultant Rheumatologist:

New patient consultation                                       £190

Follow-up consultation                                          £125

Please contact Dr Campbell as soon as possible if you need to cancel a scheduled consultation,
so the appointment date and time can be offered to another patient. If you cancel without giving at least 24 hours notice, please be aware that fees will apply: £75 if you do not attend a new patient consultation and £50 if you do not attend a follow up.

Procedure Fees

If a procedure such as a joint injection needs to be performed, this will carry an additional charge.

Hospital Fees

There will be a hospital charges for any investigations including blood tests, X-Rays and other radiology imaging. These are separate and additional to the consultation fees.


Dr Campbell is fee assured with Bupa and AXAPPP. Many people have health insurance, whether privately or through your employer. If you have health insurance, then your insurance should cover the hospital fees, as well as the consultation fees.

However, it is important that you keep your health insurance company fully informed about your hospital appointments and what treatments or procedures are recommended and obtain pre-authorisation from them before a procedure is performed.

The fees charged for insured patients vary according to individual insurance companies.  Fees for any procedures depend upon procedure codes developed by the private medical insurance industry.Some health insurance companies stipulate an excess which you will have to pay or will only provide health insurance cover to a certain level.

The level of insurance cover has been on the decline over recent months and years and in some cases will not be sufficient to cover the full fees incurred. In that case, the patient is responsible for paying the outstanding amount.

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