Privacy Notice

Who will hold data about you and for what purpose?

Your data will be held by Dr Richard Campbell’ medical practice which also trades as Your data is processed in order to provide you with healthcare services. Dr Richard Campbell will act as data processing officer for any queries relating to data processing. Dr Richard Campbell can be contacted on 01689 769 346 and at

What data will be held about you?

Your data includes personal details including name, date of birth, address, telephone number and email address. Your health record information includes copies of correspondence following consultations, results of investigations and copies of other notes relating to healthcare provided to you.

With whom will data be shared?

Your data including records of consultations and/or results of investigations will be shared with your GP and other relevant health professionals involved in your healthcare (e.g. other specialists who have referred for a specialist opinion).

 Rights to access

Patient’s have rights to access data held and rights to correct inaccuracies.

How long will data be held

Data will be held until death.

Will data from third parties be held?

Data from third parties such as your GP and other specialists sent to Dr Richard Campbell about your healthcare will be retained where relevant to the medical care provided.

Right to withdraw consent:

You have the right to withdraw consent to retention of your data provided there is no compelling reason it needs to be retained for the safe provision of medical care and for compliance with a legal obligation including for medico-legal reasons.

Complaints process:

If you want to raise a concern about data handling you may raise a concern to Dr Richard Campbell via his secretary Lesley Jenner 01689 769346 or

You also have the right to raise a data handling complaint with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office).

Data Breaches

If a data breach is discovered this will be notified to the ICO within 72 hours of the data controller becoming aware of it.

Where will data be held?

Your personal data and healthcare records will be held in a cloud storage system and accessed by Dr Richard Campbell and Dr Richard Campbell’s secretary, Lesley Jenner. Access to the cloud on mobile and external devices requires dual factor authenticy (ie a password and a code delivered to a mobile phone that changes each time it is requested). Your healthcare records will also be stored in encrypted form on a password protected computer by Dr Richard CAmbpell and his secretary, Lesley Jenner. Data which is shared electronically will be encrypted.

Correspondence by Post

Correspondence will be available in paper form and will be automatically posted unless you opt into email correspondence.

Email Correspondence

Consultations letters and other healthcare information about you (e.g. results) can be sent via email only if you explicitly opt in by responding to an email request from Dr Campbell’s secretary, Lesley Jenner.

In order to view emails sent to you, you will need to apply for an ‘egress account’ (free to read emails). Egress encrypts emails for your security and allows you to read egress encypted emails. Egress do not charge for reading encypted emails.

You can sign up for a free Egress Switch account here: